To Be Brave…

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To be brave…

is to follow without doubting

is to push passed the noise of the “I can’ts” and the “it’s too hard.”

To be brave…

is to cling to what is true and let go of the lies that keep grabbing on.

To be brave…

is to know that my timing is always off, but the rhythms of His ways move and flow precisely.

• • •

In April, we took a trip to Nashville, a trip that has become my annual Birthday celebration (no complaints here).

Last year was all about the Country Living Fair (which you can read more about here), but this year, was all about proclaiming a truth that God has been burning in my soul for over a year.

B E   B R A V E

Those two words have become part of my heartbeat. Because for years, although on the exterior I may have appeared to have it all together, I was (and still am) really just a hot mess. And it’s taken me a good almost 3 years to really come to grips with the fact that almost every choice I was making was somehow rooted in fear. Many decisions, big or little, always had fear dangling from them.

But thanks to our amazing God who surrounded me with so many different beautiful souls, and the ultimate truth in His Word, I am walking with my eyes looking at Him.

And He is constantly whispering His sweet song over me:

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. {Psalm 27:14}

And so now, the phrase Be Brave will always be before me, and I’ll wait patiently for Him, trusting that the arrows of His truth can pierce through the fear that tries to keep me down.

A huge thank you to artist and story teller Chipper Harbin for his amazing skills on this.

Creating Spaces

I am a sucker for well-designed spaces.

Seriously, I’m the crazy person, who when walking into a really great space, I’ll pull out my phone and say, “Oh! I HAVE to photograph this place!” (Yes, I will say photograph – with a ridiculous emphasis on “photo.” Don’t ask…).

Maybe it’s the artist inside me, maybe it’s because I grew up in a home where every room felt like it could be in Country Living Magazine, I don’t really know the reason, and I’m not sure I need to know it.

But what I do know, is that if I’m in a thought-out, well-executed space, I’m going to want to stay there for hours, and I’m probably going to need a large cup of coffee to go with it.

So last year, when I made some dramatic changes to my morning routine, I got this crazy idea that we needed a reading nook in our home. And thankfully, my hubby agreed with me, and thus the Pinterest search for the best reading nook inspiration began!

We scoured thousands of images, found little things here and there, all helping us decide on how we wanted the space to look.

Then, last April, we celebrated my 30th Birthday in Nashville, TN at the Country Living Fair, and, y’all, did we find some gems! Our main goal was to find a chair and a table for the nook. We searched, and searched, and toward the end of the Day 1, we found a the perfect metal type writer table. Now, at the time of purchase, it was a dark green that had no charm at all, but a couple coats of white spray paint would make all the difference.

The chair, on the other hand, took forever to find. We looked and looked and looked. I was convinced we weren’t going to find what we really wanted…and then…I saw it.It was green and blue, with wooden legs and armrests, and totally straight outta the 60s, but I knew it was THE ONE. I saw it from 100 yards away, yelled to Dustin, and my parents, “I’ve found it!” and then, proceeding to run, not walk, to the dealer who had it on display. It was perfect. Completely comfortable, upholstery in great condition, right in my budget, and to make the deal even sweeter, they let us talk ’em down a few more bucks.

So, fast-forward 10 months, after saving and planning, we have finally completed our new reading nook, and it is incredible! What used to be a dark wall with lots of shelves, lots of stuff (which I loved by the way because we were able to display so many great things), has now become a fresh breath of air in our living room.

And one of the things I really love about it, is how it’s a combination of old and new, refabbed stuff, and one-of-a-kind creations. No one in the world has a space like this in their home, and that just feels special. So, if you need me, I’ll be in that fabulous green chair, drinking coffee, diffusing some Young Living oils, and reading the latest SheReadsTruth Bible study. (yeah…I’m that girl…)


It’s the wall behind Dustin.

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P.S. Quick shout out to the incredibly talented A Little Design Company for the “Stay Awhile” print over the chair. So pumped to have a piece of their work in our home!

Rain On My Parade

Do you ever have those days when you really want to do something, but all signs point to no?

The past two days have been that way for me.

Yesterday, I wanted to go running. Had my shoes on; got my playlist ready, looked outside, and it started to rain.

Today, while Dustin was at a guys’ event at church, I wanted to take the kids to the local Fall Festival. Had the diaper bag packed; kids in the car; was one turn away from the festival, when, again, it started to rain.

It’s funny how God uses whatever is necessary to tell us to rest and calm down. There I was, wanting to do, do, do, and He was beckoning me in to just breathe and be.

So, yesterday, instead of running, I relaxed and enjoyed some cuddle time with this lovely.


Today, I turned the car around, came back home, and allowed this little man to dive into his creative side and then enjoyed a lovely lunch of soup and grilled cheese with him.

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Even though my plans didn’t work out the way I originally planned, I was still blessed by the time and events that were placed before me. My run didn’t happen yesterday, but it happened early this morning (which meant I was able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise). The kiddos and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy a creative community event, but we were able to enjoy some creative time together in the comfort of our home.

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And now, as I sit here on the couch, enjoying a cup of warm coffee and listening to the soft pitter-patter of rain outside, I am reminded of how beyond blessed I am when I really soak up and breathe in every moment.