The Wild & Free I’ve Always Needed

She falls asleep on top of her covers, with books beside and below her.

The warm glow of her princess tent lights make even the most awake person cozy and ready to dream. The soft rhythm of her breathing is a sound I could listen to forever.

As I stare at her sweet sleeping face, surrounded by ginger waves of hair, my heart skips a beat and I think…

Blessed. I am truly blessed.

To be the mother of a daughter is something I dreamed of my entire life, and to know that my amazing Father knew that my heart needed her in my life is always a delight (even when we don’t see eye to eye because, well, she is her mother’s daughter).

And even though we have our moments, and she’s at the stage where she “picks out her own clothes,” and constantly says, “I do it myself,” there’s no other way I can imagine living this life with this beautiful little one.

My Aubrey Anne, you simply are the wild and free I’ve always needed in my life.


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