To Be Brave…

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To be brave…

is to follow without doubting

is to push passed the noise of the “I can’ts” and the “it’s too hard.”

To be brave…

is to cling to what is true and let go of the lies that keep grabbing on.

To be brave…

is to know that my timing is always off, but the rhythms of His ways move and flow precisely.

• • •

In April, we took a trip to Nashville, a trip that has become my annual Birthday celebration (no complaints here).

Last year was all about the Country Living Fair (which you can read more about here), but this year, was all about proclaiming a truth that God has been burning in my soul for over a year.

B E   B R A V E

Those two words have become part of my heartbeat. Because for years, although on the exterior I may have appeared to have it all together, I was (and still am) really just a hot mess. And it’s taken me a good almost 3 years to really come to grips with the fact that almost every choice I was making was somehow rooted in fear. Many decisions, big or little, always had fear dangling from them.

But thanks to our amazing God who surrounded me with so many different beautiful souls, and the ultimate truth in His Word, I am walking with my eyes looking at Him.

And He is constantly whispering His sweet song over me:

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be BRAVE and COURAGEOUS. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. {Psalm 27:14}

And so now, the phrase Be Brave will always be before me, and I’ll wait patiently for Him, trusting that the arrows of His truth can pierce through the fear that tries to keep me down.

A huge thank you to artist and story teller Chipper Harbin for his amazing skills on this.

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