Friday is for…

Fridays around here have a different pace.

They’re the beginning of our weekend. They are the day we try hard to turn our email off, to do something different, to take a deep breath.

We use it as a day for just us…which, I’ll be honest, I used to feel really guilty about. I used to think, “Am I a bad parent for having my kids at preschool/childcare when I’m sitting at home or traveling around town? Is it wrong that I’m sitting at our local diner eating pancakes with my husband and the kids aren’t with us?”

But then the more I thought about it, and honestly, prayed about it, I realized, having this day allows us to recharge. To spend time together, or with other friends, so that we can have that time to grow together. Because, let’s be honest, parenting is hard, exhausting, and the most beautiful mess ever! And if we don’t allow ourselves to take a deep breath, to take a little break from it all (which, yes, sometimes the only break we may get is just locking ourselves in the bathroom for 5 minutes to keep from going crazy), then I think we’re doing our children (and ourselves) a bit of an injustice.

Because, Fridays for me, are not a day to just pretend I’m not a parent or forget I have responsibilities.

No, Fridays for me are an opportunity to grow a little closer to the Lord because it causes me to take off those heavy burdens I’ve put on myself during the week.

Fridays for me are an opportunity to have a longer conversation with my husband, which grows our marriage.

Fridays for me are an opportunity to plan our Friday night pizza and movie family time.

Fridays for me are a day of rest, that God has commanded me to take so that I can be a better follower of Him, a better wife to my husband, a better mom to my children, and a better friend to those I care about…to ultimately continue to follow the calling He has for me so that I can be the woman He has designed me to be.

Because we were made to glorify Him and I believe that when we enjoy every moment He’s given us, that we bring Him glory.

So, here’s to Fridays…or Saturdays…or Mondays…or whatever day you have in your week that allows you to breathe a little deeper.


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