The Light Never Dims


This year has had some rough patches. It’s been flat out hard. But, in the midst of it all, Jesus has reminded me of his constant presence.

This Christmas seemed to remind me of his presence even more.

I’ll admit it, in the past, the Christmas story hasn’t seemed very “life-changing” to me.
Maybe it’s because I’ve heard it a thousand times.
Maybe it’s because I’ve allowed the world’s “Christmas” to cloud my view of the truth.
Whatever the reason, it hasn’t been truth.

But this year…
This year…
…Something changed.
Something transformed in my heart.
God’s amazing revelation has opened my eyes to the incredible life-changing truth of the birth of his son. The birth of love.
Of truth.
Of freedom.
Of a light that shines in the darkness.

This year, that miracle of a little baby, naked and cold, being born in a manger, was born in my heart.

And this revelation is one of the things I love most about Jesus. That He is forever working in us, never dimming when we try to blow out the light.

February marks the 13th anniversary of my salvation in Christ. But salvation isn’t a one-time deal. Jesus is still working out my salvation deep within me. Bringing me closer and closer to him each day.

So as we move back into “normal life” outside of the Christmas season, let us not forget that the light that made the heavenly star shine so brightly, is shining brightly in every area of our lives today. Sure, sometimes we can’t see it with our human eyes, but it’s there. It will never fade, nor dim, nor leave us wanting.

Law becoming Love.
Love born in a stable.
A stable of humility,
holding a King.
A King coming to claim,
the hearts of those He loves.
Each and every one,
who has ever breathed a breath;
Those are who He’s claimed,
you and me;
His heart beats for us.
And His love never leaves.


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