Is It Worth It?

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There goes another tantrum.
Is it worth it?

There goes another bath time fight.
Is it worth it?

There goes another privilege revoked.
Is it worth it?

There goes another broken feeling in my oh so tender mommy heart.
Is it worth it?

So, is it worth it?

Is it worth it to endure the tears and frustration, knowing that discipline is not comfortable but yields an abundant crop?

Is it worth to feel like throwing my hands up every morning we wrestle over putting his shoes on?

Is it worth it to fall flat on my face, crying out to Jesus, begging him to guide us in this insane calling of parenthood?

Is it worth it to not know where to turn when we’re given 18 million parenting suggestions and not a single one seems to work?

Is it worth it to see the sadness in his eyes when I have to take Bear and Bunny yet again for his disobedience?


A thousand times yes.

Because, as painful as it is right now, this moment will pass. The easy thing would be to just keep wishing each day away until he finally gets it. But then where does that put me? It puts me in the future where I’m longing for the days when he was still 3 because while he was 3 all I did was wish he was 4. Or 5. Or 6.

In the midst of experiencing one of the biggest fights I’ve ever encountered as an adult, I’m finding myself relying harder and harder on the strength that only comes from the Lord.

I find myself seeing more and more what we put our Heavenly Father through when we fight Him and decide to go our own way instead of the way He’s guiding us.

I’m finding that I’m just like the Israelites who moaned and complained about not getting their way, when God’s way was so much better than their’s.

And I’m reminded of this truth:

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13

It is worth it. Only because He makes it worth it and He gives me the joy and peace and hope to live through this crazy calling of mommyhood.


One thought on “Is It Worth It?

  1. Sarah, thank you for sharing. I don’t know how many times I’ve called my dad crying over parenting and he says to keep staying strong, keep disciplining, and it will all pay off. God does the same for us. Love you friend.:)

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