Five Minute Moments

I’ve seen this done before. Set the timer for 5 minutes, then write.

Nothing has to fit together. And since my eye is on the clock while I feed my baby girl, why not do it now.

K. Go.

I could listen to Bryan and Katie Torwalt all day long. I mean, their voices, they’re passion for The Lord…it just makes me love Jesus more. Why doesn’t Spotify have their album.

My workout had a 15 minute run today. Oye! It kicked my butt. And it was a chilly run. But the leaves were pretty and the sky was bright blue.

I ate 4 pieces (yes 4) of pumpkin butter-smothered toast today for brunch. Pretty sure I could eat pumpkin butter with a spoon if it had a nice dollop of whip cream on it.

Miss Aubrey turned 4 months old yesterday. When did that happen?


Ethan turned 3 years old last Friday. My little man is not a baby anymore. We had an indoor camping party. Complete with s’mores and flannel. Indoor because it rained. Camping because it’s fall, and who doesn’t love camping in the fall?


Ok. There’s the timer. 5 minutes of ramble.

Let’s do it again next Friday! Wanna join me?


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