I Just Felt Like Running



I’ve become one of those crazy people who loves to run. One of my bucket list items is to run the Indy Mini Marathon in May 2014. So, at the beginning of September, I began a couch to 5K training course.

The training began at a perfect time because I still had some baby pudge hanging around my tummy and waist and I was just not having it. In all honesty, the idea of anything but a flat stomach scared me.

Now, I haven’t always been into running and working out. The last time I willingly ran anywhere was on the track team during my freshman year of high school (which was a good 13 years ago). But I knew that if I wanted to get my post-baby self back, I would need to put forth the effort and start getting in shape.

So, yes, while I did start running to train for the Mini, the dark, less confident side of me started running because I was afraid I was going to get fat. Due to nursing, my appetite really increased after Aubrey was born and since all I craved while I was pregnant was Diet Coke and chocolate (as opposed to strawberries and apples with Ethan), I knew my eating style was not going in the right direction.

I had a few solid weeks of hidden self-obsession and I just did not like anything about my body. (I really can’t believe I’m even able to share this outside of my own head).

However, I have discovered a true blessing through running. It’s become a good 30 minutes of just me and God time. All of you busy mommas out there know how hard that type of time is to find. And I’m thankful that I have a supporting husband who helps me carve out time during the day to make it happen.

God never ceases to impress me with little nuggets during my runs. Whether it’s challenging me to push harder into my prayer life, or just quiet my mind and soak in what’s around me, running has become a new form of worship for me. It’s become that needed breathing time that gives my mind some margin. And I’ve found that when my thoughts are turned towards Jesus while I run, I’m less apt to thinking of myself in such defeating and negative ways.

Tomorrow, I’ll share one moment from my run the other day that really put me in my place about body image. But until then, I would love to hear what you do to find margin in your life. Do you have any time carved out in your week to challenge yourself to just breathe? And if you don’t, what’s keeping you from it? What chore/task/conversation can wait just a few minutes to help you have that much needed time?


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