In the Stillness


I love quiet moments. And as a busy momma, I don’t get many. But when they happen, I’m forever grateful.

Last evening was one of those moments. As I cuddled and fed our baby girl, the only sounds I could hear were the fan in her room and the faint sound of my husband and son reading books.

Now you might be thinking, “that doesn’t sound like quiet.” And you’re right. It’s not the true definition of quiet–where everything is devoid of sound. But I’m not talking about the type of quiet that has to do with the lack of sound.

I’m talking about the type of quietness that happens in the heart. When God says to be still and to soak up the blessings all around you. When you turn off that obnoxious and overwhelming to-do list that is running non-stop in your brain. (Oh how hard that is!)

I’m pretty sure it’s the hardest quiet to get to, but I’m also sure it’s one of the most necessary times of solitude.

We need that time to breathe and to listen to the quiet. To let God penetrate our hearts and whisper His loving-kindness to us.

I once read or heard that it’s in the quiet moments that God’s voice is the loudest, and I believe it’s true.

This morning, as I was preparing for the day, the house was completely silent. It was very tempting to dive straight into what felt like a hundred tasks, but instead, God reminded me of that quiet from last night. He asked me to get away with him (even if for a brief minute). And I’m so glad I did.

Because, friends, my mind has been a battleground these past few days. Loud shouts coming from all sides and not a single one ringing in clear enough to really understand. The only thing I can understand is the negativity that keeps swooshing around in my head. (I probably sound like a crazy person at this point).

But, thankfully, God’s voice has proved to be the strongest. In the midst of the cluttered sounds, he shared this with me this morning:

Understand, therefore, that the LORD your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love Him and obey His commands.
(Deut. 7:9; emphasis mine)

That’s the type of verse that just makes me want to do cartwheels. It’s the type of truth that reminds me that no lie is too powerful to overcome me.

Really pay attention to those words. It’s His unfailing love... Not His “gonna be there only when he feels like it” love. Or His “unsure, not strong enough to handle my problems” love.

His unfailing love.

[Insert heavy sigh here]

I pray that this word encourages you the same way it encouraged me. I pray that whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, that you are able to soak up a few moments of quiet…even if it’s while your kids are screaming in the background.


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