From My Table To Yours


It’s a new season of new rhythms and new discovery. Not only are the leaves changing, but my heart is changing. I’m embracing mommyhood with a new perspective and making more time for snuggles and kisses [even in the midst of tantrums].

I’m taking time to breathe and actually achieve the goals I’ve set. I’m learning [always] to listen to God’s whisper. I’m seeking after that which brings him glory; and yes, doing the things I enjoy makes him smile. [I’m getting over the guilt of that one].

I’ve blogged before. You can find past glimpses of my life on my old blog. But during this changing season, I’ve been inspired to start things anew; to open my heart in new ways, and to embrace the beautiful moments that are awaiting me. And with that, comes change.

I used to think I could embrace change easily. If God said move, then I would move. But it wasn’t until He called me to make one of the hardest moves I’ve ever had to make, that I realized that, ya know what, change hurts a bit. I like being comfortable. I like knowing what’s going to happen next. I like a routine.

And I think God saw that. He saw that my comfort wasn’t stretching me where He wanted to take me.

So, he introduced me to an Abraham moment:

It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going. And even when he reached the land God promised him, he lived there by faith…

Hebrews 11:8-9a

Sometimes you have to leave something great to become something greater.

Abraham was comfortable where he was. Life was great. He was surviving. But God had better for him. He didn’t just want Abraham to survive — he wanted him to thrive.

And so he picked up and went. He didn’t know what each day would provide, but he did know that God would provide.

And just like Abraham, God has called me to a new place. I left what was comfortable, a job of 4 1/2 years that was the biggest blessing and the best place to work, to a job that I have always desired [without even knowing it] that is kingdom-minded and transforming lives for Jesus.

God has asked me to trust Him. To take His hand and follow Him to a land flowing with milk and honey and to bask in the blessings that have always been there and to rediscover what life is about.

When I put all of the messy pieces together, I can see that His timing couldn’t be more perfect. Our family is growing and we’re at a point in our children’s lives where they need mommy and daddy very close.

We need cozy dinners in our quaint, little kitchen, surrounding our vintage red table. And at that same red table, we need big cups of coffee and important conversations while watching the sun beam in. We need space to do crafts, space to make lunches, space to just be.

It’s funny how the kitchen table becomes the hub of it all. The place where life happens; where manners are learned; where tears are sometimes shed; where crumbs are often gathered.

So from my table to yours, I share my life with you. But be prepared — things could get messy, and that’s why I’m thankful there’s always a towel to wipe off the table.


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